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Best Immigration Solicitors

Khurram and Co. Solicitors are a private immigration solicitors based in West Bromwich. Our core is the provision of legal services to the less advantaged sections of the local community.

About Mr Khurram

Mr. Khurram started his legal profession in early 2003 and is the principal supervising solicitor of the practice.  

Mr. Khurram provides specialist immigration advice to both businesses and individuals. His work covers the full spectrum of applications within the PBS, Immigration Rules, EEA and Asylum. Mr. Khurram has developed a reputation for a high level of success in the appeals sector which has been a growing concern among communities since the arrival of more stringent laws. He has dealt with cases at all levels of the UK Courts system and has submitted applications at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. 

Mr. Khurram is also experienced in Criminal Defence, regularly representing clients at police stations or Magistrates, Youth Courts and dealing with anything from bail applications to contested trial hearings. Mr. Khurram is a prominent public speaker and has features on Sanjhi Awaz Radio’s live legal show and also spearheaded Live Immigration TV shows broadcasted worldwide called Hum Aur Kanoon.

Mr. Khurram specialises in immigration and criminal law. He has however, experience in family cases in particular Divorce. 

Mr. Khurram provides immigration and crime advice to the highest level, recognised nationally.  A most recent feature of Mr. Khurram’s cases was dealt with at the Administrative Court and Court of Appeal.