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Owner of Fortel honoured for social services in Punjab, India.

Even after living in foreign land for years , N.R.I Surinder Singh Nijjar, a Fortel Owner never lagged behind in helping humanity in his country India , such a great soul N.R.I Nijjar has been honoured by Punjab Vidhan Sabha Speaker Rana K.P . A small function in its regard was organised where P.P.C.C General Secretary Pawan Dewan was specially present.

On this occasion Speaker Rana. K.P said , Fortel Owner, Mr Nijjar has always kept Social Service at front foot. He keep on lending is hand in services like Medical Camps , Education , Food supply in states like Punjab , Himanchal Pradeep , Haryana , Maharashtra , U.P , Delhi .

Further he said many Indians forget their nation after settling in foreign lands , but few people like Nijjar even after settling abroad never forget their nation and keep on devoting something for its betterment.

Further Fortel Owner, Mr Nijjar , thanking Speaker Rana. K.P said , this is his duty to serve his own nation and humanity . He said if your money cannot help any needy then its just a waste. Satbir Singh , Tajinder Singh , Malkit Singh, Satnam Singh , Gurdeep Singh Ahluwalia were also present .