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Fortel Group Nijjer Sat Chief Executive

Fortel Group Nijjer Sat Chief Executive

Fortel is a name synonymous for quality and efficiency whether it is with the labour that they supply or with their processes. And the companys civil engineering experts are the backbone to this process. They are not just experienced in their basic roles of planning, designing and execution but are known for implementing the most effective management techniques to ensure efficient management of resources which include labour, materials, equipment and budget. CEO & Fortel Owner Sat Nijjer takes pride in their civil engineering team and recommends that certain mistakes should be avoided by the contractors while working with this team.

Communication is the key to success of any project. And the team here believes that there should be constant and effective communication between all parties involved. The clients especially should always communicate each and every detail of the project so that they witness the outputs or results as per their expectations. The other mistake that needs to be avoided is that of supplying cheap resources with regards to construction materials. The civil engineering experts expect the contractors to provide all the agreed resources including the budget at the right time so that there are no delays and shortcomings before or after the project.

The best thing that contractors can do to the civil engineering team here is to lay their trust and give the team the freedom to operate as they want. Fortel assures that the civil engineering experts are called experts for a multitude of reasons. And that is why they are successful in every project they undertake and clients will definitely vouch for the same. Once the expectations are communicated, the team will do the best to assure successful execution of the project.

Sat Nijjerjoined the family-owned business as operations director in 2005 after a BSc inComputer Scienceand a career in investmentbankingwith the US company,Bear Stearns. A major shareholder inFortel, he became chief executive in 2012, the second generation of the family to lead the company.

After seven years being a major shareholder in Fortel, he became chief executive in 2012, the second generation of the family to lead the company, which is now forecast to grow to in excess of 100M in annual revenues.

Satvinder Nijjeris also an Alumni Member ofThe Sunday TimesFast Track 100, Vice-Chairman of theAsian Sports Foundationand is heavily involved in the economic development ofWalsall Boroughthrough a founding seat at theWalsall Economic Board.

Sat, representing Construction and Recruitment industries on theWalsall Economic Boardsaid: Being part of the board means I can ensure we deliver the vision of an integrated public-private partnership in Walsall, helping deliver sustainable improvements to people of the Borough.

He is married with three children and is an avidManchester Unitedfan.

To know more visit https://fortel.co.uk/