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The Owner of Fortel


Fortel is a company that lays its foundation in the provision of excellent and unmatchable labour. Having built a name for itself quite early on in the business, this company has risen from the ground up to prove to be one of the excellent service providers of the country. For this, the owner of Fortel is most certainly the one all the credit should be given. 

What is Fortel


Fortel is one of the foremost companies of the United Kingdom. It provides you labour in all spheres of mechanical or physical work. To further compound its resplendent and unbeatable service, it has been named by Deloitte’s Futures 1000 as the best and excellent performing services of the recent years. 

The Defining Aspects of Fortel, As Provided By Its Owner


Like all great companies, Fortel is one that has built a niche for itself. This is extremely difficult to attain, given the current market place that we live in. Competition seeps in from right and left, and companies with no determination or hard luck are often drowned out in all this competitive work commotion. But what do the companies have that stand erected and beat or match the competition head on when faced with it? 

Such companies, Fortel included, are some of the most formidable and talent creating ones. That means, they ensure that the labour they provide is of the utmost quality, and in order to do that, they first train them according to their ideals and make them capable of doing a particular job with maximum efficiency and skill, recognizing talent in particular people and implementing it. 

The Values of Fortel 


However, that is not the key factor that determines the success of companies. Wherever you turn your eyes, you will find companies both good and bad, estranged by one factor alone: their motto and principles or values. These values are the defining factors of the work produced by a company and can make or break it. 

Fortel takes pride in its well-defined categories that cater to their most primal objectives. They are as follows: 

  • Quality 
  • Sustainability 
  • Fairness 
  • Teamwork
  • Pride
  • EDI

If you assess these values, you will realize that they are what any company would need in order to succeed and provide effective services. But in order for this to happen, it is important for the implementation of this set of values. 

Fortel rises above in this aspect too. It ensures that all it’s hard cut values are implemented by keeping a close communication with the labour that it provides. Due to this, there are very few moments, almost nonexistent, where they fail to show how adept they are. 

The Benefits of These Values 


These values also promote a healthy work environment and satisfaction rate, ensuring that the labour is happy and does not have any issues, by resolving any matter of concern that may arise in the most efficient way possible and promoting positive teamwork. This way, Fortel ensures that the efficiency delivered by the labour that it provides is beyond excellent and efficient. 

More on the Efficiency and Skillset Provided 


Fortel ensures that the labour is well adapted to deal with the task at hand. They ensure that the people chosen to do any particular job are briefed in advance and require the skillsets needed by the project. Due to the fact that the teams are pre-briefed, they are capable of adjusting quicker to the situation at hand and enabling a better plan to be devised, ensuring that the job at hand is done faster. 

All these services are great to look at but who is the reason behind the excellent foundation of Fortel

The Esteemed Owner 


It is none other than the owner of fortel himself, Surinder Nijjer. He established Fortel in 1998, prior to which, he served as a worker for nearly twenty years in the development business sector.

His Well-Earned Success 


His experience reigns in this arena as he used to work at the post of Chief Executive and proprietor in the organization at first. This helped him gain a good grip of the business that he had entered and allowed him to run his service in the best way possible. 

This initial job description enabled him to work to the best of his abilities to ensure the best development of the business and the foundations of Fortel. He laid the groundwork of the values and beliefs that the company should instill in its work so as to achieve the best results, and make its name in the competitive industry. 

In this job, he also ensured that the workforce created by the company was adept and persistent in getting its work done in the best way possible. In addition to this, he also ensured that the contracting division of Fortel got a strong grip in the industry by getting projects and carrying out the projects well. 

In addition to this, he also built significant work based relationships with a huge number of clientele. This was the best way to ensure cordial relationships with the clients and maximize satisfaction all around pertaining the services provided by Fortel Nijjer and the work that it does. 

His Focus on the World At Large: A Vision 


Surinder Nijjer became the Chairman in 2009 and since then, has efficiently and expertly juggles two extremely excellent projects, one being Fortel itself, and the other, a Corporate Social Responsibility program in India and the United Kingdom. 

Fortel Nijjer has always placed immense importance on acknowledging and easing environmental and social challenges faced by people, due to the values instilled by the Chairman himself. This has led to Fortel reaching out and securing a partnership with the Supply Chain Sustainability School in 2017. Along with the help of 60 major clients and the suppliers belonging to Tier 1, supply chain skills have been built to better our understanding of the factors above. The Sustainability School focuses its attention towards the environment and social challenges faced by our industry and the various ways to effect and implement reduction in modern slavery. 

Fortel helps in this arena by taking multiple steps, such as investing in fuel efficient vehicles to reduce the carbon emissions produced by the company and by funding a hundred apprentices, all of whom will be trained like all others, with no distinction, being fully integrated into the system and the values that Fortel upholds. 


As you can see, the owner of Fortel has really gone above and beyond for his company and has proven to have the skillset needed from a great leader to build the foundation of his company and allow it to work efficiently in the best way possible.