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Fortel Nijjeris the man who cares about the people of India and wants to see his nation to be successful. He is a rich man not because he is so much wealth but he is rich because he helps the poor people so that they can spend their life happily.

The main purpose of the life of theFortel Nijjeris to help the poorer people and make sure that they get all the facilities of life. if you know about India then you will know that many people living in this country do not get the basic meal to eat and survive the day but you do not have to worry about anything becauseFortel Nijjergives huge charity to make the poorer people eat and spend their life happily.

Education is the basic need of every child living in this world. but in India, the situation is opposite and the children of poor people dont get the education.

Fortel Nijjerunderstands this problem and they come up with the solution and they develop the schools and colleges to provide education to the poorer people so the society can be balanced and every person living in the society gets all the rights. Poor people living in India always pray for him because he helps a lot for the poor people.

The main problem of India is that there are millions of poor people living in this country and the saddest part is that they all are living in the worst situation and they dont have the cleaned and hygienic place to live. Fortel Nijjer promises to develop the area of the poor people and donate a huge amount of money to them. He aims to make society a better place where poor people live their life happily and get all the facilities.

Health is the basic facility that every human being has the right to get and this basic right is not available for the people living in Slums of India.

The slum is an incomplete infrastructure filled with lots of people. but it is not impossible to give them the basic medical facilities so that they can spend their lives properly.

The famous person of India,Fortel Nijjerwho helps a lot of people to change their lives and make their lives happier has the solution and he comes with the donation program for the people living in slums of India so that people get their basic health facilities. If you are thinking about whyFortel Nijjeris the superhero for millions of people then it is because he helps lots of people and gives them all the things they want to live their life.

If you want to see the Robin hood of India thenFortel Nijjeris the man how helps the poor people.