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Creative Info Tech : Fortel Happy Client

Creative Info Tech is a Birmingham based IT Consultancy Company who works with the Fortel business owner to improve their IT infrastructure consistently.  Automated software products with integrated mail and sms capabilities are our specialty.

Digital Marketing Goals

Digital Marketing plan includes the tactical objectives to be used to accomplish the following primary goals of Social media:

  • Improve product sales.
  • Increase presence on social channels where currently lacking.
  • Traction / traffic to blogs / websites.
  • User signups to emails.
  • Lead generation sign ups on a specific landing pages.
  • Get better search engine rankings.
  • Promote affiliate program.
  • Perhaps offers exclusive to Facebook followers with special Facebook code .
  • Re tweets and Twitter analytic / Twitter grader improvements.
  • Google plus / picking up activity around your brand or product.
  • Facebook fan growth / Talking about us numbers / Insights.
  • Twitter followers.
  • Google Analytics a review sales/conversions coming from social media channels.

Business Management Services

Management professionals help associations to solve problems, create worth, maximise development and improve the business performance of their clients. They use their business skills to provide objective advice, expertise and specialist skills which the organisation may be lacking.

Management consultants are mainly concerned with the scheme, structure, administration and operations of an organisation. They will identify options for the organisation and suggest commendations for change, as well as helping with additional resources to implement solutions.

Professionals operate across a wide diversity of services such as business strategy, marketing, financial and management controls, human resources, information technology, e-business and procedures, and supply-chain supervision.

Consultancy firms range from larger firms that offer end-to-end solutions to smaller or position organizations that offer high-quality knowledge, services and commerce awareness.