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Fortel Latest Announcement ! Sat Nijjer is asking you people to stay Safe from Coronavirus.


As the owner of Fortel, I would like to share basic information about coronavirus. We all know that it is a lethal virus that has become an epidemic for the whole world. This article is designed by keeping in mind our security guards, labourers and gateman, and other such workers who might not know much about this virus. For them to understand the serious nature of this problem, and the measures they should take to avoid getting are mentioned in detail below.

Carefulness costs you nothing. Carelessness may cost you your life. said Sat Nijjer, Owner of Fortel

Well, coronavirus is a class of viruses that attack the respiratory attack of human beings. Mostly, it attacks cats, birds, and bats. But the reason why it is infecting human beings is that they are consuming or eating these animals in many parts of the world. The spiky fringes that this virus creates around itself are the main cause of blockage in the berating track which they stop working as the virus starts to grow in number. Ultimately, it becomes the cause of death for the person infected with it.

“Key things to know and be safe from coronavirus “ by Fortel CEO , Sat Nijjer

Fortel Owner, Sat Nijjer said the symptoms of coronavirus are very obvious, and if you already know then it will be very easy for you to just identify it. Here is the list of all those symptoms:

  1. Its earlier symptoms look like a regular cold in which flue is common. So, even if the flue is irritating your throat, get the checkup done.
  2. The situation can turn into severe pneumonia and is almost about 60 percent of the cases this stage comes very quickly after the first one.
  3. It is no less dangerous than SARS and MERS, but the symptoms look mild compared to them. Therefore, even if you feel doubtful about it, get the checkup done immediately.

As per Fortel Owner, Sat Nijjer the key things which you can simply adopt in your daily routine can help you stay away from coronavirus are as follows:

  1. Wash your hands at least 3 to 4 times a day, and try to keep a distance from any person who is suffering from this virus.
  2. If you get the virus, or maybe you are just doubtful about it, make sure you stay inside your home and reduce your contact with people around you.
  3. Face mask would not help you a lot; therefore, try to avoid the incidences that can lead to this problem. Unless you dont have it, it is fine to stay without a mask.
  4. Try to stock up your home with daily useable things, and make sure you have enough stock of medicines too.

The safety of the people who work for us shall be the highest priority. Fortel Owner

Well, I am sure that the information given above must have helped you learn about coronavirus and what you can do to stay away from it. It is a matter of your life, so do not take it lightly in any way. Unless or until this emergency is not resolved, keep yourself restricted from going out without any serious need.

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