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Fortel Nijjer: Fortsl’s Contributions towards the Improvement of Civil Engineering Industry in UK

Reliable Workforce, Credible Service Delivery with State-of-art Equipment and Constant Monitoring by Superiors

Fortel, the most recognized agency labour suppliers in the nation are not just workforce enablers but also contribute to the overall betterment of the civil engineering industry in the UK. Sat Nijjer, CEO of Fortel along with his team ensures that their contractors and clients are completely satisfied with the project deliveries. There are so many parameters that contribute to the overall success of a project. From efficient workforce to effective deliveries, the team here ensures that the processes are undertaken in a seamless manner. The contributions of Fortel towards the civil engineering industry can never be undermined. They cover a broader spectrum of industries within the industry ranging from roads to railways, retail to hospitality, medical to power, utilities to commercial and many more; thereby gaining vast experience and immense knowledge.

At Fortel, innovation is always the leading criterion towards success. Their evolving service models are dedicated to ensure highest productivity with cost effective labor solutions for their clients. Every project will see a team of senior engineers and project managers monitoring the site. With decades of combined experience in the industry, Fortel offers expert consultation to their clients and contractors. Fortel is also a leading name in the industry for their increased job opportunities and participating in different events to tap and nurture fresh talent straight out of their academics. With a special focus on Safety, Fortel always ensures that the employees as well as the environment are taken care of with friendly practices.

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About Fortel.co.uk

Fortel.co.uk based at London, United Kingdom established in 1998 is one of the largest suppliers of agency labor staff for the construction sector across the nation. They offer high volumes of labor with a very fast response across a broader spectrum of labor, trades and professionals.



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