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Fortel Nijjer talks about his companys charity work

Fortel is known for its innovative charity work in the region and has helped raise hundreds and thousands of pounds over the years through its fundraising initiatives. Fortel Nijjers charity contributions are giving a new hope to underprivileged children

Recently members of the Fortel Group visited Punjab, India to provide free medical assistance to those most in need.Owner of Fortel continues to drive home the importance of the Group support to fund eye tests, cataract operations and hearing aids to those who cannot afford medical care as well as providing disability equipment to schools and hospitals throughout the region.

At this occasion Fortel Nijjer said,We would also like to thank our Clients & Friends who are supporting and joining us in this great cause. All donations will go directly to some great charity organization we have around.

Here at Fortel, we take pride in knowing our charity work provides measurable value to real people, and does so directly. During a recent visit to Punjab, heres a list of ways Fortel supported healthcare and education in India:

  • 5000 children were sponsored to receive a better education
  • 850 sewing machines donated to families across Punjab
  • 350 eye operations were provided to those in need
  • 1500 pairs of prescription glasses were also provided
  • 70 tricycles and 70 wheelchairs were donated to disabled members of the community
  • 110 hearing aids were also donated to deaf/hard of hearing individuals

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